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Popular porn actress Janet Mason was born on April 8, 1967, in Santa Barbara, California. Her first movie was shot in the 1990s when she was already more than 30 years old Milf. After only six years in the porn business, she already had her website running in 1996 and since then her name became popular in the whole world. During her career, she managed to perform in more than 250 movies.

It is interesting to note that she started her journey as a real-life swinger which then led her to the adult industry. Despite that she has now retired, Janet continues to update her website with hot scenes that she films with her fans near Baltimore and Washington DC. Due to the fact that she is a really famous pornstar actress her escort services are in high demand. Janet is married to her husband Steve but that doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves the most. From her own words, the best lovers are black athletic men in the 18 – 25 age range. But as long as you are well-groomed with good manners and have great humor there is a big chance that she will be willing to meet and please you.

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How to meet Janet

If you look at her body you might understand why there are so many men willing to use her services. Just imagine a red-haired slim pornstar actress who is 5 feet and 3 inches tall. Her weight is only 105 pounds with a 32DD bra size. However, if you decide to use her companion or escort services then you have to pay a hefty fee as much as $1 200 per hour or even more. But it is absolutely worth it these might be the best memories you will ever have in your life. She likes traveling and you might find her in Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, and in Phoenix.

There are several ways how you can contact and meet her. One of the most obvious is to simply go to her website – janet-exposed.com. There you will find lots of actual information about her current location and requirements that you have to pass in order to meet her. Or you can send her an email to JanetMasonBooking@gmail.com. However, it might take some time to get an answer as she is receiving dozens of emails per day.

Janet’s private website

Since the launch of the website this cute mature did more than 100 movies for her private collection. At first, it was only a website for foot fetish fans. However, during these years it grew up to a hardcore site. When you visit her site, you can get all the necessary instructions on how to meet her. You have to fill in the information about yourself and add your pictures. Furthermore, you have to decide which video shoot you are interested in. There is a big FAQ section that has answers to almost all questions you might have.

It is important to add that not so long ago she added a good faith deposit of $100. It means that you have to send this couple a hundred dollars in order to get the final confirmation for a shoot. This is now obligatory due to the fact that Janet and Steve lost lots of time, money, and effort on those who were simply willing to get “Yes” from her and never arrived at the shooting site.

Janet Mason posing in high heels

Check Janet Mason Webcam Show For Free!

Janet Mason Cam

We have to admit that not everyone has got a chance to meet and have fun with Janet. And currently, there is nothing that can be done about it. Previously Janet was also working on a popular webcam platform. She had lots of fans there and she was camming daily. However, due to unknown reasons she just disappeared and never came back. Unfortunately, her website has no information regarding the webcam shows or any other private shows, therefore, the only way for those who want to see her is to buy her private videos and enjoy that mature body in action. Don’t hesitate and just visit the website!